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how to speed up your build pipeline



The Agile Playbook

The Agile Playbook: A How-To Guide on Executing Agile Right From the StartWe plan and execute Agile leadership training and coaching sessions, helping you build a healthy workplace environment based on collaboration, decentralization, and trust.

7 Tips to Speed Up Your Build Pipeline

Increasing your build pipeline speed is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are 7 actionable tips to help you speed up your build and deliver quality software—FASTER.Be sure to check out the full article for more specifics on how to speed up your build pipeline so...

DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2016: Holacracy

What is Holacracy? sat down with Helen Beal of Ranger 4 and Søren Pedersen of BuildingBetterSoftware to discuss Holacracy at DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2016. To find out more about Holocracy, watch the full video or visit...

Plutora Webinar “Don’t Break It: Managing Risk and Complexity While Organizing Around Value Streams”

Aligning complex organizations around their value streams and optimizing the flow of work through these value streams enables enterprises to amplify their Agile and DevOps performance. Value Stream Management promises to revolutionize the way organizations work by...

6-Step Framework For Executing a Strategic Vision

Do you have a vision to catapult your organization into the future but struggling to carry it out? Here's a 6-Step Framework for building and executing a strategic vision your team can build behind.Søren Pedersen Co-founder of Buildingbettersoftware and Agile...

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