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Fixing the race condition of strategic initiatives

To address the challenge of competing priorities between organization-wide strategic initiatives and customer orders, a team, lead by Rasmus Kaae, assisted Bankdata management in adopting modern and agile approaches to strategic planning.


Simplify to succeed

By simplifying structures and process and instilling an Agile mindset from the top-down/bottom-up, BuildingBetterSoftware was able to improve workflow and communication, increasing trust and collaboration in the process.


Collaborative planning to manage dependencies

Under the guidance of Rasmus Kaae, ten teams strategically assembled from various locations convened at the stadium. Rasmus Kaae played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event, ensuring a structured approach to forecasting, uncovering dependencies, and coordinating priorities—essential components of navigating the intricacies of optimizing loan processes.


Amplifying value creation for customers

The customer witnessed substantial improvements in agile practices and team dynamics. The intervention not only elevated team agility but also fostered a more customer-centric and value-driven approach to development.


Leap frogging knowledge

EGN aimed to provide its members with a deep understanding of OKR and Agile Project Management, enabling them to navigate the complexities of modern business environments and drive organizational success.


Faster, more reliable software delivery with DevOps

The financial software company faced challenges typical of traditional development practices, including lengthy release cycles, manual processes, and isolated teams. The goal was to overcome these hurdles and embrace the DevOps paradigm to achieve faster, more reliable software delivery.


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