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Digital transformation consultant services that help you reap the benefits of an agile mindset

Can you see your team performing at their fullest potential, but not sure where to start? Have you tried all of the out-of-the-box solutions and nothing is working?

BuildingBetterSoftware provides something you can’t buy out of the box—an agile mindset. Trusting your team is essential to a fully functioning organization. After all, quality is an attitude and transformation can only begin when you’re of the mindset that wants to deliver quality.

Our goal is to help you unlock your potential by simplifying your work life and streamlining your processes. We can help you bridge organizational gaps by collaborating with transparency and honesty, realign tacit knowledge and skills, and secure your competitive edge

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Agile and DevOps Transformation Management

As digital transformation specialists in organizational analysis and change management, we build custom change management plans based around what you do and aim to achieve that help you optimize and simplify your business to deliver more value for less

Organizational Performance Analysis

Organizational optimization and simplification is the key to a healthy, forward-thinking business. By undergoing our organizational Performance Analysis, we provide you with the evidence and the tools to secure your competitive edge and keep your business looking toward the future.

Value Stream Mapping and Management

BuildingBetterSoftware can help you streamline your value chain by improving your value stream management process so you can focus on the future. Identify waste, reduce process cycle times, and implement process improvement, you can spend more time on what matters—building better software.

Agile Leadership and Team Coaching

Our scaled Agile training and coaching sessions are designed to help you get your Agile transformation back on track by realigning leadership and teams based on Agile best practices. 

DevOps Training and Certification

Through DevOps training and certification, we can help you establish a baseline for measuring performance on metrics that colleagues and leadership will accept and recognize as valuable insights and more.

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