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July 1, 2021

TIME Framework

Check out my conversation with Tom Cagley on SPaMCAST. In this podcast, we chat about teams, value streams, and leveraging agile to improve how teams deliver value. 

We start off discussing the definition of a team before taking a deep dive into the practical nitty-gritty of defining value streams and coaching teams. 

SPaMCAST Podcast: Teams, Value Chains, and Coaching, a Conversation with Søren Pedersen

by Tom Cagley, Søren Pedersen |

Søren Pedersen

Strategic Leadership Consultant

Experienced leader, project manager and expert in everything Agile, with focus on methodology and efficiency across organizational hierarchies and value chains.

Core competencies

Strategic and people leadership

Organizational theory and design

Project management

Software quality assurance

Software architecture

Past experience

Bang & Olufsen, LEGO, Systematic

Agile Leadership Training

We plan and execute Agile leadership training and coaching sessions, helping you build a healthy workplace environment based on collaboration, decentralization, and trust.


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