Podcast: Quality is an Attitude

April 19, 2021

Quality is an Attitude

Andy Cleff from Agile Uprising and I dive into the subject Quality is an Attitude.

In the talk we explore how to build an organization and get the attitude built in.

Agile Uprising : Quality is an Attitude

by Andy Cleff, Søren Pedersen | https://agileuprising.libsyn.com/quality-as-an-attitude-with-sren-pedersen

Søren Pedersen

Co-founder of Buildingbettersoftware and Agile Leadership Coach

Søren Pedersen is a strategic leadership consultant and international speaker. With more than fifteen years of software development experience at LEGO, Bang & Olufsen, and Systematic, Pedersen knows how to help clients meet their digital transformation goals by obtaining organizational efficiency, alignment, and quality assurance across organizational hierarchies and value chains. Using Agile methodologies, he specializes in value stream conversion, leadership coaching, and transformation project analysis and execution. He’s spoken at DevOps London, is a contributor for The DevOps Institute, and is a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

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