Organizational Performance Analysis

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Organizational optimization and simplification is the key to a healthy, forward-thinking business.

Many companies spend years implementing agile and DevOps but still struggle to unleash their full potential.

 If you are at the start of your journey, or in the realm of unleashed potential we have an unique offering allowing you to take a short-cut.

Based our experience and research in the field of Agile and DevOps, we offer to help you diagnose your organization and plan how to move forward.


Our concept is a change model, built on a statistical and qualitative date used for assessing your organization.
The collected information is analyzed and compared to industry standards, allowing us to recommend improvement opportunities with the most significant impact.

What we can do for you!

Our service provides you with the following benefits

  • Access to decades of experience in Agile and DevOps transformations
  • Full Survey of your organization providing detailed insight
  • Interviews to validate the survey results, as well as mapping organizational narratives
  • A report collecting above information and proposing top three topics you can address to gain a performance improvement
  • A Feedback session explaining the findings and reasoning behind recommendations.

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