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Leadership mentoring

Fulfil your Agile ambitions by using our combined extensive experience in Agile leadership, organizational transformation and software development.

DevOps training

We are a Registered Education Partner with DevOpsInstitute offering accredited DevOps certification courses both on-site and as public classroom courses.

We also offer hands-on engineering and coaching of teams in automation practises and quality assurance

Agile coaching

Agile done well will make fundamental changes in how your organization thinks and behaves. Our consultation offers pragmatic approaches to ensure a successful implementation of Agile values and behaviours.

Quality assurance

We help you reduce bugs in production by implementing simple processes and automation that support your current set-up and future ambitions.

Leadership mentoring

History is full of crash and burn Agile transformations. We have experienced both failed attempts and successful implementations, and can provide the necessary insights into how your organization should approach the next steps in your Agile journey from a leader’s perspective.

We can help assess how well your organizational structure will work for you, and not against you, in an Agile context.

We can review your current processes and value streams to identify waste and help eliminate sub-optimizations.

Our technical team can quantify the amount of technical debt in your current software landscape, and how well your software architecture will be able to support an organization that is able to change it’s mind from sprint to sprint.

We are ready to assist leaders on all levels with training and mentoring – both on-site and remotely.

DevOps training

DevOps is more than just a set of tools. It is a set of values and behaviours that focuses around collaboration, automation and transparency across every corner of your IT organization.

We help you establish a baseline for measuring performance on metrics that people within your organization will accept and recognize as valuable insights.

We spot and automate error-prone processes that cause delays and waste in your organization, to aid improved throughput. We qualify and eliminate processes that hinder rather than help you achieve the quality you desire.

We are a Registered Education Partner with DevOpsInstitute enabling us to offer accredited public classroom certification courses in DevOps culture and principles. Upon request, we also perform on-site certification courses in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Other offerings are tailored on-site engineering, training and workshops on a case-by-case basis – helping your organization focus on the necessary areas and identifying where to prioritize your efforts.

Agile coaching

The software industry has established a mutual consensus: that Agile works only if the environment supports collaboration, decentralization and trust.

Knowing what works however, is one thing; making a sound plan for changing culture and getting all employees and team members pulling in the same direction is a totally different ballgame.

We help you analyse and address the barriers that will present risks to your Agile transformation.

We support you in scaling existing Agile efforts, without sacrificing simplicity and transparency in your daily collaboration between teams.

We plan and execute coaching sessions for your scrum masters and product owners, either as workshops or on a recurring schedule. We help individuals and teams to understand their roles and responsibilities within an Agile organization.

We show leaders how to make their first Agile budgets, and how to follow up on progress in an Agile context where status reports are replaced with daily standups and retrospectives.

We mentor stakeholders in the facts and misconceptions of Agile, and highlight the problems you can expect given your context, competencies and strategic challenges.

If you are having trouble getting Agile to work for you, give us a call. Having seen many successes and failures in Agile we know that we will be able to provide insights into your struggles, and advice on how to overcome them.

Quality assurance

Drawing on our vast experience with DevOps and Agile, we can guide you to establishing an initial baseline for measuring quality in your digital deliverance.

We help you assess and qualify which processes in an application’s lifecycle could be automated or redesigned in order to improve end-user satisfaction.

We work with your leaders and teams, getting the experts on the ground to talk quality and prioritize quality efforts into their daily work.

We assist your organization in building feedback loops that continuously feed information back to stakeholders on priority quality metrics.

We aid you in the technicalities of automating alerts, so stakeholders are notified whenever performance on metrics of importance to them starts to degrade.

Our combined experience can help you reduce the complexities of measuring quality deliverance in your organization, providing better insights into your current performance and bottlenecks.


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