Coaching and Mentoring

Grow your self

As time passes we all become prisoners of old habits and the best escape from that is to get external inspiration.

We help you set your experience and current situation into context of other companies and industry trends, inspiring you to break your chains.

Mind prisoner

Leadership and change management

The software industry has established a mutual consensus: that Agile works only if the environment supports collaboration, decentralization and trust.

Knowing what works however, is one thing; making a sound plan for changing culture and getting all employees and team members pulling in the same direction is a totally different ballgame.

We plan and execute coaching sessions for your scrum masters and product owners, either as workshops or on a recurring schedule. We help individuals and teams to understand their roles and responsibilities within an Agile organization.

If you are having trouble getting Agile to work for you, give us a call. Having seen many successes and failures in Agile we know that we will be able to provide insights into your struggles, and advice on how to overcome them.

Engineering, Team work and DevOps

Moving your team into an operational sweet spot requires attention to detail and experience.
Kristian has a long background in coaching teams in their daily work and is available to coach and mentor you.
Book a free session and discover what Kristian can do for you!


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